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Eco Pods

At Willowcrete we design Eco Pods for Residential and Commercial clientele. We design and build Eco Pods to specification with every consideration for the environment that the pod will be set in from a garden to a commercial setting.

The Eco Pods can be delivered, constructed and complete or flat packed ready for ourselves to rectify and install in a small amount of time.

We construct modular panels within our indoor facility and transport to site. We prefer to construct buildings using timber, however we also construct steel frame buildings when required.

We have an array of options for the external fascades from waterproof renders, composite cladding, aluminium cappings, natural stone and slate cladding through to various timber claddings. The most important aspects are the thermal U-VALUE’S that we can achieve using our indepth knowledge of the best insulation products available.

The benefits of Eco Homes and Pods are as follows:

  • Solar Panels for heating and hot water
  • Wind Turbines to power the house
  • Hydro Power if near a river
  • Rain Harvesting for gardens - For Rain Harvesting, tanks can be hidden or buried underground and pumped.
  • Green Roofs - Wild flower roofs - Green roofs can be subtle and stunning especially if the property is built into the hillside or underground.
  • ECO-Crete - All Concrete or Cement works are carried out using ECO-CRETE which uses less cement and uses slag from power plant which is a waste material; for every tonne of cement produced, a tonne of carbon dioxide is produced.
  • Recyling - Recycled insulation from plastic, recylced wood on some timber cladding. Everything is sustainable and recylced where possible.

The first steps would be to book an appointment at our showroom to get a feel for the quality products we use and gather some professional advice from ourselves.

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