What is an Eco House or Eco Pod?

By choosing an Eco Home you will benefit from a low-impact home that is designed with materials and technology that reduces the carbon footprint and also reduces energy needs.

Why are Eco Homes so important?

Quite simply because they use less energy which is kind to the environment and helps to reduce change in climate as a percentage of greenhouse gas emission comes from electricity. And, Eco Homes are kind to your pocket!

What are some of the products used to build an Eco Home or Eco Pod?

Extra insulation may be used to keep in heat, natural materials including timber for the frame, solar panels for hot water and heating, photovoltaic panels on the roof to generate electricity and recycled products.

What are the benefits of an Eco Home or Eco Pod?

Once you have moved into your beautiful new Eco Home, you will discover that the maintenance and running costs will be lower than a normal build house. It will reduce strain on local resources, material efficiency, heat exchange units, water efficiency, enhances indoor quality and promotes better health and a healthier lifestyle.

What are the key elements of an Eco Home or Eco Pod?

High levels of Insulation; Airtightness; Extra Daylight; Hot Water & and Heating provided via Solar Panels, a heat pump or biomass; healthy indoor environment, natural materials, rainwater harvesting and much much more...

What are the main factors that define a Eco Home or Eco Pod?

These are the U values and EPC rating based on the insulation value and amount used. We can simply create passive houses and pods.

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